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The Professional Photographers of Central Ohio (PPCO) is a network of professional photographers committed to the craft of photography. The organization provides its members with fellowship, business and marketing support. We serve the Columbus, OH area, and many of the surrounding counties, and strive to elevate the standards of photography. We are the Columbus and vicinity affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America.

Greetings from the President!


With the Labor Day weekend behind, the focus is now on shooting and delivering senior portraits and school photos as well as getting our marketing strategy together for the holidays.  Summer was busy for a lot of us and now we are a “different” kind of busy.

Your PPCO Board has been busy as well.  This will be a year of a lot of “new” things at PPCO.  This is the first year of our smaller, more nimble Board to guide PPCO for the next year.  We are also moving to a new meeting night in order to remain cost effective at Berwick.  We also want to continue to build social experiences outside of the monthly meetings with the #SocialShoot events that any member can lead.

Somethings will carry over from past years.  PPCO will blend small business management topics with photographic techniques.  We will also preserve and emphasize the greatest benefit of being part of PPCO; the networking and community we share as peer professionals in a very challenging industry.

I have stressed the need in the past for others to get involved in helping to deliver the PPCO experience and I am being clear about that again.  We need more members to help us be relevant in Central Ohio (that means everyone has a role to recruit and bring guests to PPCO) as well as assist with performing some of the work to drive the PPCO bus;  this can be helping with meetings, leading a #SocialShoot event, and even consider serving on the Board in the future.  Everyone has the opportunity to be part of shaping PPCO.  All you have to do is volunteer to the degree you have time.

Finally, PPA continues to ramp up their lobbying for the upcoming Copyright Reform legislation in Congress.  We expect the first of two reform bills to be submitted for consideration in the Judiciary Committee on September 15th.  PPA is preparing to engage all professionals in contacting Congress to give these bills traction.  If you haven’t already enrolled at www.PPA.com/grassroots, please take a moment to become part of this effort.  This is huge opportunity to protect our work and create a means for us to realistically pursue copyright infringers in a “small claims” copyright court that is impossible to do today.  If you are professional and care about your work, and the work of others, then you should be part of the Grassroots effort.

Build your business.  Create fantastic images.


Mike Price

2016-2017 President

Professional Photographers of Central Ohio


November General Membership Meeting Details 
Coming soon.

RSVP (you know, tell us you’re coming!) to President@PPCO@gmail.com or punch the "I'm coming" button on the Facebook Event invitation so we know how many are coming.  

Current PPCO members can attend regular meetings for free (except for special events where there is a food/room fee), and guests are welcome to regular meetings for just $15.  Want to come to your first meeting free?  Contact me or any PPCO member for a "Be My Guest" card to see what PPCO is like in person.
General Membership Meeting

Date: Wednesday November 2 - 6pm-9:30pm

Program: TBD

Berwick Manor Restaurant
3250 Refugee Rd, 
Columbus, OH 43232

 Reach Out To PPCO

614-655-PPCO (7726)